About Us

The Difference Makers Group is not your typical coaching, consultation, and training company. Founded by Dr. Jim Ozier, it is an exciting expansion of Ozier Coaching after 10 years of growth and successful experience strengthening churches and helping pastors across the country.

We see ourselves more as “outfitters and guides on your church’s journey to growth and renewal.”

‘Outfitters’ because we provide high quality tools, techniques, and resources to all our churches and pastors in whatever setting we are working. ‘Guides’ because when one of our Difference Makers works with a church or pastor you can be sure she/he has “been there; done that,” and has relevant successful experience.

Most importantly, we aren’t just Difference Makers … We equip you to be a difference maker for your church and in your mission field!

Core Values

  1. Always do what is right, best, and appropriate for our clients.
  2. Honor and respect each client’s perspective and journey.
  3. Approach every client at all times as a servant, rather than an expert.
  4. Bring value, fun, laughter, and joy to every job.
  5. Candid honesty while bolstering morale and confidence of pastors and churches.

About Jim Ozier, Founder of “The Difference Makers Group”

Jim OzierIn 1990, Jim Ozier followed the founder of a 7-year-old church, Trietsch Memorial UMC in Flower Mound, Texas. In his role as the second pastor for this young congregation, he learned first-hand how difficult the transition of pastoral leadership can be when a church has never done it before! When he left nearly 18 years later, the church had grown to more than 4,000 members and helped birth 3 new congregations. In addition, Jim saw how critical the “passing of the baton” is for the successor pastor following a long-tenured pastorate.

 “I absolutely love coming alongside pastors and churches to help them get clear on their culture, improve their hospitality, and accelerate their growth… even if they are going through a pastoral transition!”