About Liliana Rangel

Liliana Rangel

Liliana brings a wealth of experience to the Difference Makers Group as a dedicated lay person who worked for eleven years as the ministry coordinator for the Center of Church Development of the North Texas Conference. Under this position, she led the revitalization process, The Healthy Church Initiative where she worked with over 60 churches. As the leader for the Healthy Church Initiative she was able to train churches, conduct audits, and support pastors in their effort to revitalize their congregations. 

As a bilingual lay person, Liliana have served English-speaking and Spanish-speaking ministries. Her cultural competency allows her to communicate, work and support churches and pastors from both cultures. she is well equipped with a history of successful trainings in areas of pastoral transitions, vision, mission, discipleship, hospitality, and leadership.

Now, Liliana continues working in a different capacity using her “unchurched background” in helping churches become relevant to their contexts and in reaching this demographic group.

Liliana has worked for Jim Ozier for twelve years and is excited to have joined the Difference Makers Group as a coach and leader of the creative team.

Liliana is married to David Rangel and together have one daughter, Emma Olivia. She loves to watch football, eat Colombian food, and read about new efforts in church revitalization. She graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences with a minor in Spanish.