The Changeover Zone

Successful Pastoral Transitions

The Changeover Zone addresses a critical and perennial need in the church: the process of handing the baton of pastoral leadership from one person to the next. Authors Jim Ozier and Jim Griffith offer practical, clear instruction and guidance for both clergy and congregations. They provide detailed sections, especially for clergy who are taking over from founding pastors and those replacing long-tenured pastors.

The book is packed with real-church examples, helpful tips, and tactics that have been proven successful. This resource will expertly guide pastors, supervisors, and congregations in almost any church setting or denomination.

Clip In

Risking Hospitality in Your Church

Clip In book

The Big Risk and Bigger Reward of Hospitality

When cyclists “clip in” to the pedals, they take a risk. But they also commit—to finding a new way to achieve the balance and momentum necessary to propel them forward along their course.

Creating a culture of hospitality and growing your church involves a similar risk-taking process and learning new habits of balance and momentum. In Clip In, authors Jim Ozier and Fiona Haworth offer practical, growth-oriented coaching advice to help your church master the delicate interplay between balancing attention toward existing members and generating momentum through reaching new people.