“Jim was a master. I’m grateful more than I can sayTruly, what felt impossible last week seems holy today.

For a Changeover Zone Workshop

Good Monday morning, Kathleen!  As our DS, I just wanted you to know that here at Edges (BUMC), we just finished our first weekend coaching visit with Jim Ozier.

To my great surprise (i have worked with my share of minimally helpful consultants), Jim was a master. He received and gently refocused our community’s grief; he gave leaders healthy and helpful roles; he framed the appointment process in clear, positive and hopeful ways; he helped me to think widely about leveraging my impact in this season; and he instilled confidence in partnerships across our church, conference, and denomination.

Truly, what felt impossible last week seems holy today.

After spending the weekend with Jim’s expert wisdom, I believe Edges will make it. In fact, I believe this community will be a true north as our denomination seeks desperately to find its way.

I know all this is because of your prayers, your leadership, and your investment. I’m grateful more than I can say.

For now, wordless prayers of thanksgiving will have to do.

– Rev. Kelly Shushok, Pastor, Edges of Blacksburg UMC, VA, 2020