Welcome to The Difference Makers Group!

The Difference Makers Group is here to help you and your church improve its ministry and accelerate its growth

In the past five years Jim Ozier and Fiona Haworth have presented workshops, coached, and consulted for hundreds of pastors and churches helping them navigate three key areas of church life:

  1. Creating a culture of hospitality
  2. Improving pastoral transitions
  3. Moving plateaued churches to the next level of growth

The Difference Makers Group specializes in church culture. They help churches identify and assess their existing culture, and then apply proven techniques to change or strengthen it, depending upon the need. Their goal is to accelerate growth and boost morale within the congregation while reaching new people.

Jim Ozier
Jim Ozier Coaching Church Hospitality Workshop

The chemistry between the coach and the person being coached is huge! If Jim or Fiona don’t seem to be a “right fit” for you and your needs, they will eagerly refer you to one of the other outstanding coaches with whom they network. They are driven to meet your needs, not to push their agenda.

Jim and Fiona are established motivational speakers and presenters for religious groups, civic organizations, and corporations. Together or solo, they have conducted hundreds of seminars on culture and hospitality for thousands of pastors and laity in churches, districts, and annual conferences in 23 states across the country.  They are co-authors of the book Clip In which teaches step-by-step how to create a culture of hospitality and accelerate growth.

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