Workshop: “Breaking Barriers to Growth”

“Breaking Barriers to Growth”

“Every vibrant church has learned to partner with the Holy Spirit in developing a thriving, contagious, irresistible culture”
–Wayne Cordeiro

This workshop is  ideal for local church clergy and laity.  There are five sessions included in this workshop:

SESSION 1: Barriers to Growth

  • The Church in general
  • Your church’s in particular
  • How Any Church Grows
Breaking Barriers to Growth
Breaking Barriers to Growth

SESSION 2: What is Organizational Culture and why it is SO CRITICAL to growth

  • Your culture determines your results
  • To Change results, change culture

SESSION 3: How to Assess Your Church’s Culture

  • What it is by size & structure
  • What it is by attitudes & behaviors

SESSION 4: How to Change Your Church’s Culture & the 3 Types of Change

  • Change to what? Identifying the Culture you want
  • See it, Say it, Show it, Grow it
  • Getting Staff & Key Laity to ‘buy in’

SESSION 5: Proven Techniques to Create the Culture You Want

  • Constantly Cast Vision
  • Church Meetings as culture incubators
  • Hallway Conversations & hospitality
  • Worship & Preaching