We consult with churches, judicatories, not-for-profits, and other corporate entities. We help assess and identify the current culture and teach specific steps and techniques to change the desired culture throughout the organization.

We consult with:


  • Stuck on growth plateaus
  • Preparing for a pastoral leadership transition
  • Realizing their culture is not conducive to growth and wanting to learn how to change the culture to result in growth
  • Dealing with challenging pastoral transitions, new direction, or significant conflict


  • Annual Conferences, Bishops and Cabinets realizing they need to develop protocols for recruiting, training, and deploying trained pastors to follow founders or long-tenured pastorates.
  • Assessing candidates under consideration for appointment to a 2nd pastor or long-tenured situation
  • Trying to improve the Conference’s culture of hospitality
  • Trying to create a conference wide culture of growth

Not-for-Profits and Other Corporate Entities

  • Assessing and Identifying the current organizational culture
  • Learning specific steps and techniques to change it to the desired culture
  • Wanting to embed the new culture throughout the organization