When I lead a seminar, I share resources. Below, you will find links to documents for resources from specific events.

The Changeover Zone Webinar

Webinar Resources

COVID-19 Supplement to The Right Start

The Right Start: Beginning Ministry in a New Setting
COVID-19 Supplement

Passing the Baton Resources and Videos

Celebrating Pastoral Transitions During COVID-19

Below are a few examples of videos that were done as a way to “Pass the Baton” and introduce new pastors to the new congregation virtually. 

We would love to hear other ideas about the creative ways churches are making this virtual transition.  If you or the church you are going to does not have these capabilities, there may be other churches or agencies, like the Georgia Commission on Higher Education Creative Services or Good News TV in Macon, who could help.

New Pastor’s Pre-introduction to Children

New Pastor’s Pre-introduction to Small Groups

Passing the Baton Blacksburg UMC

A Message From Yvi Martin, incoming senior pastor at PWUMC

Tara Paul’s Introduction Video

Jonathan Andersen and Steven Usry from the Harvest Point Transition

The big thing I always tell people is that the success of the transition is largely dependent on the outgoing pastor. If they’re not willing to show videos, setup meetings, show you around, etc., then it won’t go great. But if they’re secure enough to help do all of those things, like Steven was, then the chances for success are huge. We also did a meet and greet night where Steven introduced me, prayed for me, left, then allowed me to talk more and meet the people of the church. This went a long way to ease anxiety. Plus, they had already seen me in all of the videos and had connection points for discussion.  

Jonathan Anderson

Matthew Mitchell and Steven Usry

Neighbors to the North  – From One Church in another conference, Blacksburg, VA

Neighbors to the South – Frazer Memorial In Montgomery AL

Amazing Grace Cardboard Testimonials

Repurposing Churches

Church Life Cycle NTC

Discontinuation of a Local Church

NTC Assessment Matrix

Paragraph 213: Study Task Force Report (Faith UMC, Farmington, MN)

Paragraph 213: Task Force Report on Discontinuation (Key Memorial UMC)

Sample Closing Letter

The Wisdom of the American West