Workshop: “Accelerate!”

Moving Your Church Forward Faster

“Life is like a ten speed bike; most of us have gears we never use.”
–Charles Shultz

SESSION 1: “As Easy As Riding a Bike”

  • How Churches Grow
  • Creating a Culture of Hospitality
  • What is Church Culture and why it is SO CRITICAL TO GROWTH
  • Your Culture Determines your results
  • To Change Results, Change Culture
Accelerate! Moving Your Church Forward Faster
Moving Accelerate!

SESSION 2: Making First Impressions last

  • The Power of Introductions
  • Beyond Introduction – Relationship
  • Beyond Relationship – Connection

SESSION 3: Hospitality Accelerated!

  • The role of pastors & staff in Hospitality
  • Recruiting Hospitality Teams
  • Hospitality in the Workplace
  • Hospitality in Worship

SESSION 4: Shifting Gears— accelerating church Growth

  • The Power of Recommendation
  • How to turn Attenders into Recommenders
  • Follow….Fish…..Faster!

SESSION 5: Closing the Consumer/Producer Gap

  • How we mistakenly train consumers to be consumers
  • How to turn consumers to into producers
  • Designing ministries that connect quickly

SESSION 6: The Lasting Impression of Culture

  • “Little by Little”
  • Crash: when speed is faster than vision
  • Bike Riding: a shared behavior